Zach Salt

Zach Salt

Artwork by: Doris Clarke

Aliases: No aliases


Cheeky, smart…Zach Salt is a military man born on Earth. It is unknown where on Earth he was born or under which military he served. Zach quickly finds himself at the centre of Earth’s invasion from the Valkers. Soon after he departs Earth bound for new adventures in new galaxies.

“Being shorter than your wife was not great, but he received more jokes about his ginger hair than his height. Zach’s eyes were kind, inviting and green-brown. He was no taller than the next man, mayhap slightly less.”

Zach Salt is a main point of view character in Quorum Treaty, book one in the series Lore of Energy and Light®. Doris Clarke drew an amazing depiction of Zach Salt. You can follow Doris on Twitter: @dorisaclarke

“Zach spent a few moments gazing vacantly into the small mirror provided. He saw only a pale, lean face and red feathered bang looking back. He went to the round hovering shelf where he saw a tiny black dot. Zach Salt studied it. He placed the bot on the tip of his finger and reached into his ear. As he did, the creature leapt into action, crawling the rest of the way up his ear canal. It tickled. The shiny black D’Olex Decipher then affixed itself tight to his ear wall by digging in its miniature clawed legs. It was done. Luhn said the languages of the universe would now be music to his ears.”


Lore of Energy and Light sci-fi book

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