Zach Salt

Zach Salt

Artwork by: Doris Clarke

Aliases: No aliases


Cheeky and smart, Zach Salt is a military man born on Earth. It is unknown where on Earth he was born or under which military he served. He quickly finds himself at the centre of Earth’s invasion from the Valkers. Zach Salt is a main point of view character in Quorum Treaty, book one in the series Lore of Energy and Light®.


“A lifetime ago, it had been Daltane General who gave Zach his first operational command, to lead a rescue mission into a place named the Devil’s Quarry. Zach recalled the astonishment on the general’s face when he first told Daltane how he planned to outwit the enemy. ‘Dress as prostitutes?’ the general had exclaimed. At the time, it took a few choice words from Zach to convince Daltane to put his faith in him. The mission ended up a success. Zach’s men simply walked in through the main gates that night. Dressed in drag as the evening’s entertainment, their guns hidden on their backs, or protruding as comically large codpieces, not a single shot was fired during the rescue.”


Lore of Energy and Light sci-fi book

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