Yesmane Galina

Yesmane Galina

Artwork by: Miki Price

Aliases: Crown Galina, The Crown of Libb, Mystics Grace


 Fiery and torn, Yesmane Galina is a main point of view character in Quorum Treaty, the first novel in the science fiction thriller Lore of Energy and Light®. Crown Yesmane Galina is widely known across D’Olex. Up until recent events in the book, the Alliance of Planets used her image as a symbol of hope in propaganda. Yesmane quickly finds herself becoming a rebellious leader in an uncertain future.


“Her curvy, hourglass figure was draped in a white dress that wafted around her like a cloud. Her toned legs were covered intermittently by flowing material. Her long blonde hair hung in a rebellious manner, unfurling to her shoulders in an emphatic huff. A plunging gold-plated corset acted as her armor. Her attire was embellished by a white cape trimmed in golden thread and fastened to her shoulders by lavish clips. She looked like a warrior from another age.”


Yesmane Galina book character


“Energy filled the air. Yesmane Galina knew her name was on everyone’s lips. She didn’t miss the opportunity to dress as the public knew her best—the Warrior Crown. A heavy snow white cape draped her shoulders. The rest of her shimmered in armor of gold. Yesmane thought it a silly ceremonial outfit, impractical, but wore it for the citizens. She dressed for battle, for both herself and her peoples. An act that would not be lost on her opponents in the Quorum.”


Yesmane Galina fictional character

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