Landen Dark Sci-fi book

Landen Dark

Artwork by: Doris Clarke

Aliases: Commander Dark


At the start of book one, Quorum Treaty®, Landen Dark commands warriors fighting for the Alliance of Planets. He is known for winning key victories against the Valkers, strong leadership and being a womaniser. Landen prefers the theatre of war to the arena of politics, though it seems more and more he is being dragged into the corruption that plagues the universe. Landen Dark is a POV character in the novel Quorum Treaty®.

“Landen Dark managed a reputation for consistency amongst his Warriors. He was a Warrior’s Warrior. Landen had thick hair, dark brunette heading towards black with a few stray brown and grey hairs thrown in, some of which dangled in front of his chiselled face. It came to shoulder length, on a solid frame of toned muscles, slightly tanned skin and dark facial stubble. His were soft eyebrows with a rounded nose. He had cunning eyes, muted in hazel. Those eyes had seen a hundred deaths and all the things that parents tell their children are not real. A few facial war scars added to his appeal. It was said that he loved all women and they loved him. He was short on emotion. Although the opposite sex loved him for it; perhaps because they wanted nothing more than a fling which made saying goodbye that little bit easier, or others may have liked the challenge of changing him for the purpose of making him theirs.”


Landen Dark from Lore of Energy and Light

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