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Harna Harlequain

Artwork by: Miki Price

Harna Harlequain – sharp of tongue, beautiful, scornful.  Harna is a main point of view character in the sci-fi book Quorum Treaty, which is the first novel in the Lore of Energy and Light® series.

Born of a wealthy trading family, Harna Harlequain lives on Cortella Maxi. The Harlequain name is known far and wide due to her father, Volter, who is a prominent trader in D’Olex. Harna’s privileged life affords her the best of things, from clothing to positions of influence.

“Harna disrobed in one single, graceful motion. She slipped into her new blue-black selection just as gracefully. And after a few adjustments, a little wriggle or two, she gazed forward with her head held high at the mirror. What she saw was beauty. Her thin eyebrows and blossom soft, honeyed lips defined her lean face. Harna’s strong straight nose was unwavering like her, but she disliked her dimple-chin, as faint as it was. The exotic shine of ocean-blue-over-jet-black hair ran straight to her neck, and into sharp points at her chin.

Yes, oh yes. Perfect

Harna’s pale skin held pink undertones that made the vivid blue hue pop. Despite all that, it was her eyes that stole hearts. Starry and inviting, Harna knew her violet eyes were admired for their rarity. She could thank her Libbinese mother for them. Sometimes they were made to be weapons, other times as bait. Harna then touched her tiny waist to feel the rich fabric, sliding her varnished beige nail-polished fingers to her perky bosom. Even hidden beneath cloth they had a noticeable upturn — a gift of youth, and a sign she was yet to bear children. The dress hung off her perfectly; the way a woman’s frame ought to do, she thought.”


WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Entitlement is in her blood, though it is something she did not learn from her father. Harna Harlequain is an Administrator on her home planet. By the end of Book 1 Harna is confronted by a Valker invasion and quickly finds her tongue getting her into trouble.

“Harna’s needle point tongue was sharp, and she used it so. Words were weapons; not to be used bluntly but rather to jab you right in the softest spots where it hurt. She prided herself on knowing each person’s business and therefore their weaknesses. And whenever someone needed persuading she would give them a pin prick they were not like to forget.”

Readers are left wondering about the fate of Harna Harlequain and if she will ever meet up with the other POV characters like Crown Yesmane Galina. One thing is for sure, Harna will be a handful for whoever takes her on. Another version of Miki’s artwork is below:

Harna Harlequain sci-fi book


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