Grey Leader - Valker sci-fi character

Grey Leader

Artwork by: Simon Thommes via DeviantArt

Aliases: Lamane Oba


Grey Leader is the warrior leader of the Valkers. Known formally amongst his subordinates as Lamane Oba, Grey Leader is a main point of view (POV) character in the sci-fi book Quorum Treaty, the first book in the Lore of Energy and Light® series.

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Grey Leader is introduced to readers in two POV chapters, towards the middle and end of Book 1. The reptilian is first described as he rests in his stone chamber:

“Grey Leader lay in the glory of his naked scales. His were like any other Valker, greyish-green in pigment, banded in darker patches here and there, with a broad neck made of soft scaled skin that pulled taut at the shoulders when his head turned, and lighter scales on his underbelly. Above his flattish face ran tough grooves over a hairless scalp. A faint line of minuscule horns ran the ridge of his cheek bones, just below the eyes. All Valkers had blue eyes. But Grey Leader had the most piercing blue of all — ice blue; still like water hardened by cold, frosted glass, frozen diamonds losing lustre. Not the starkest blues, but Grey Leader’s eyes evoked deep emotion.”


WARNING: some spoilers ahead.

Grey Leader attacks the star system of Pretenia (Related Article: What is D’Olex?) and quickly threatens the existence of the space station Quorum Treaty. During the course of the book, readers see Grey Leader painted as a moderate Valker who does what he does because he was raised to believe he was destined to lead the expansion of the Gstaddt. However, he is prone to panic attacks of great rage, which seems at odds with the ideals of what makes a great Valker – being “flawless in one’s actions” among them.

Commander Landen Dark encounters Lamane Oba and comments,

“Up close you can tell a lot by the smell of your enemy; his fears, his intent, his will. Grey Leader’s smell spoke of power. Landen savoured it; the scent of a creature so dangerous yet so close.”

If Quorum Treaty is lost to a Valker invasion, what will become of the Alliance of Planets? The Valkers already control half of the known universe, including Earth. However if Grey Leader loses the battle for the space station, it may place his position of power in jeopardy.

Please be sure to check out the amazing artwork by German artist Simon Thommes. Simon’s DeviantArt profile is Pixelshatter

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