Grey Leader - Valker sci-fi character

Grey Leader

Artwork by: Simon Thommes via DeviantArt

Aliases: Lamane Oba


Grey Leader is the warrior leader of the Valkers. Known formally amongst his subordinates as Lamane Oba, Grey Leader is a main point of view (POV) character in the sci-fi book Quorum Treaty, the first book in the Lore of Energy and Light® series.

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Grey Leader is introduced to readers in two POV chapters, towards the middle and end of Book 1. The reptilian is first described as he rests in his stone chamber:

“He sprawled in his naked glory, scales pressed against the warm stone surface, his tail limp over the edge. Like all Valkers, Gray Leader’s arms and legs were left exposed by thick gray armor that covered only torso and groin. He did not wear a helm, for Valkers never wore helms. However, he did wear items unique to him: spaulders emboldened each shoulder and his shins hid behind rubbery black greaves. Should the wind get up, a tail collar and chain was slid up Gray Leader’s tail to hold in place a flowing, black cape. Above Lamane Oba’s flattish face ran grooves over a hairless scalp, as all Valkers had. However a faint line of minuscule horns studded the ridge of his cheek bones; a feature unique to Gray Leader.”


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