Alzarrae from Lore of Energy and Light


Artwork by: Doris Clarke

Aliases: Alzarrae of Earth


Young and compassionate, Alzarrae is a main point of view character in Quorum Treaty, book 1 in the science fiction book series Lore of Energy and Light®. He was plucked from Earth amidst chaos as the Valkers descended on the desert city he called home. The name and location of this Earthly shanty is unknown.


“The shanty was a slum but with a difference. The apartments here were originally built to be a new district. However the development was never completed and it didn’t take long for displaced families to start calling it home. If giants were real then his tower would have been one, wearing shabby clothes of ripped plastic sheeting. Amidst the giants grew a fuzz of tiny shelters at ground level.”




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