Alzarrae from Lore of Energy and Light


Artwork by: Doris Clarke

Aliases: Alzarrae of Earth


Young, compassionate… Alzarrae is a main point of view character in Quorum Treaty, book 1 in the science fiction book series Lore of Energy and Light®. He was plucked from Earth amidst chaos as the Valkers descended on the desert city he called home.

“He flew and flew and flew. The stars became streaks. His home became a distance dot. Up, up. It was every young boy’s dream to fly; to travel through space and touch the stars – minus the strange creature seated next to him. Alzarrae did not think little boys dreamt about that. Alzarrae was still unsure if this scaled foreigner was friend or foe, and he wondered, why him?”

The name and location of this Earthly city is unknown. In a twist of fate, he survived the battle for Earth thanks to a Valker.

“Alzarrae, so often rebellious, obeyed his mother. Her desperate cries gave him a fright. He tripped in his rush to get inside. Falling to all fours, his mother caught him awkwardly and embraced him tight. Almost a boy grown, even now in his early-teens he loved the warm, safe feeling of his mother’s hugs. He could remember many times when those hugs had made the world better.”

After he meets a Valker, he travels D’Olex to learn the lore of energy and light.



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