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Pressure of writing a book series

Pressures of writing a book series As you can from the picture above, when I am not writing I am pretending to be a model, ha. It’s my little escape. Ok, now
Author Glen Rothlisberger

Author Glen Rothlisberger

“Break all the rules. There is no right or wrong, so write WHATEVER you want.”- author Glen Rothlisberger After a wave of positivity (for which I am super grateful for), the
Australian sci-fi book Lore of Energy and Light

Australian sci-fi book

Australian sci-fi book Quorum Treaty, an Australian sci-fi book due for release in 2021, is the first novel in the Lore of Energy and Light series (LOEAL). The story begins on
Science Fiction Novel

Science Fiction Novel

From the Author: Quorum Treaty marks my first science fiction novel is the Lore of Energy and Light series. Quorum Treaty builds on top of decades of great science fiction literature by
4 life changing sci-fi films - Interstellar

4 life changing sci-fi films

I am a movie buff. And it is fair to say I digest more science fiction through the visual medium than the written form. Here are 4 life changing sci-fi films
Top 5 Villians Loki - Age of Ultron

Top 5 Villains

Top 5 Villains My top 5 villains from games and film. Whilst the words to Quorum Treaty slowly come together, I thought I would pen my thoughts on what makes a good
Quorum Treaty update book

Quorum Treaty update

Quorum Treaty update It’s coming folks! The new sci-fi book Quorum Treaty is coming. I have spent the last 6 months editing the manuscript. I am two thirds of the way now. Then
LOEAL inspired by Romans

Real events that inspired LOEAL

The real events that inspired Lore of Energy and Light (LOEAL) Often the story and characters are all in the author’s head, an imaginary void where fiction blossoms. But on occasion real-life
The writing process

Glen’s Writing Process

This week I thought I would give some insight into my writing process … That’s basically it. THE END. No, wait, there is more. Every author is different and I do not