Lore of Energy and Light Book Cover

Book 1: Quorum Treaty


In a dark vision of the future, Earth is thrust into a universal war that has been raging for millennia. A warrior-race known as the Valkers is spreading their darkness from galaxy to galaxy. The once mighty Alliance of Planets that was formed to counter this rising threat is now fractured by in-fighting, corruption and fear. Too busy trying to save themselves, the Alliance has underestimated the rising popularity of the Messulun Priests who say they fight for the citizens, and that of a second threat in the form of a sexually transmitted virus now beginning to take lives.

Amongst it all is young Alzarrae of Earth, Zach Salt a military man of Earth and the warrior Crown Yesmane Galina of Libb. When they begin to learn the lore of energy and light, their paths cross in the search for the source of all energy.

Meet the Characters


Quorum Treaty® immerses the reader in a character’s thoughts and viewpoint through tight POV chapters. ‘Quorum Treaty’ refers to the planet-sized space station of the same name. It is home to the funnel of seats known as the Interstellar Quorum; the political arena formed by the Alliance of Planets. Here, thousands of inter-planetary Representatives decide the fate of their struggle against the darkness.

Richly woven worlds, poetic prose and engrossing backstories make Book 1: Quorum Treaty in the series Lore of Energy and Light a must-read novel. Learn more about several main characters below: