Lore of Energy and Light Book Cover

Book 1: Quorum Treaty®


As Crown Yesmane Galina of Libb prepares for war,  she is intent on salvaging her father’s legacy. Her hunger to avenge the death of her father at the clawed hands of the Valkers spurs her on, but it’s her disdain for the self-serving representatives of the Alliance that fuels her fire.

Clueless to the Valker threat, Earth is invaded and elite serviceman Zach Salt’s world is shattered. His wife dies, carrying their unborn child. He manages to escape with the Alliance bound for the space station Quorum Treaty. There, Zach is left struggling with his purpose. He left Earth, but for what? Revenge? Duty? Humanity? Perhaps all those reasons, but in what order Zach cannot say.

After Yesmane’s Count fails in the Interstellar Quorum, the political arena of the Alliance, she does the unthinkable. Headstrong and not wanting to repeat the mistakes of her father, she decides it is better to be a deserter than have her hands tied by politics. She flees Quorum Treaty along with her forces, leaving the station defenseless.

It now falls on Zach Salt and the remainder of the Alliance to halt the Valker attack on Quorum Treaty. At stake is the fate of the Alliance, the liberation of Earth, and the lives of millions of ordinary citizens. May the stars be aligned.

But they aren’t.

Heroes become villains. Saviors become destroyers. And voices of reason become martyrs in a crushing conclusion that the Alliance never saw coming.