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Giamat - planet in Astoroz


Giamat   Giamat is a planet in D’Olex – the known universe in the Lore of Energy and Light® series. Described as a gloomy, dim place, Giamat is located on the
Glen Rothlisberger

Science fiction in Lore of Energy and Light

More and more, science and technology pushes us forward, constantly blurring the line between science fiction and reality. When it comes to Lore of Energy and Light®, you might be surprised
LOEAL inspired by Romans

Real events that inspired LOEAL

The real events that inspired Lore of Energy and Light (LOEAL) Amongst the many questions that commonly get asked about LOEAL, one that always comes up is – what was the inspiration for
The writing process

Glen’s Writing Process

This week I thought I would give some insight into my writing process … that’s basically it. THE END. No…No, there is more. Every author is different and I do not profess
Interstellar Quorum

Interstellar Quorum

What is the Interstellar Quorum?   WARNING: some spoilers ahead. Aliases: Representative Quorum, Funnel of Seats, Quorum Interstellar Quorum is the political debating arena for the Alliance of Planets. The Interstellar Quorum
Alliance of Planets

Alliance of Planets

What is the Alliance of Planets? Also known as the “Alliance”, the Alliance of Planets are colonies, cities, races and planets who fight together under the banner of a golden cross
Quorum Treaty

Quorum Treaty

The first novel in the science fiction series Lore of Light and Energy® takes its name from a mighty space station – Quorum Treaty. Get on the novel wait-list Floating silently
Lore of Energy and Light

Lore of Energy and Light

Lore of Energy and Light Synopsis: D’Olex is at war. The once powerful Alliance of Planets is fractured by in-fighting and corruption. Disunity has paved  the way for a warrior-race known as the Valkers to begin