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Book 1: Prologue . . (Updated version Jan 2021) . . When D’Olex was very young, its energy flowed as one. It gave life to the stars and planets, and gave
Galactic Gateway - interstellar space gate

Galactic Gateway

In the Lore of Energy and Light universe, a Galactic Gateway is a portal from one location in space to another – always from one Galactic Gateway to another, and always
Author Glen Rothlisberger

Author Glen Rothlisberger

“Break all the rules. There is no right or wrong, so write WHATEVER you want.”- author Glen Rothlisberger After a wave of positivity (for which I am super grateful for), the
Light Tablet - tomb entry tunnel

Light Tablet

Light Tablet Light Tablets are said to be forged by the gods – the Mystics and the Ancients – long ago when D’Olex was very young. It is believed there are
Harjo - Lore of Energy and Light


Harjo “Harjo” is a title that wealthy warlords bestow upon themselves in the universe of D’Olex. Throughout D’Olex there are numerous Harjos controlling small pockets of land, particularly in the star
Rank System - Valkers

Rank system

Rank system The Rank system or ‘Rank’ is a medium of exchange for goods and services in the universe of D’Olex. It is a numerical system. The higher a citizen’s Rank
Reptilian Valkers

Reptilian Valkers

Reptilian Valkers Valkers come from the galaxy of Astoroz. Reptilian Valkers have grey-green scales, strong legs with high ankle joints, and deadly three clawed toes per foot. They are also known
Australian sci-fi characters

Australian sci-fi characters

Australian sci-fi characters Lore of Energy and Light® has a plethora of Australian sci-fi characters across the book series. Check out this list of main point-of-view characters:   Yesmane Galina Crown
Energy Beamer -Lore of Energy and Light

Energy Beamer

Energy Beamer An Energy Beamer is the most widely used weapon in the universe of D’Olex. Commonly known as a “Beamer”, warriors from both the Alliance of Planets and the Valkers


Craggoo A Craggoo is a dangerous, woolly creature in the Lore of Energy and Light universe of D’Olex. Craggoos are roughly the size of an elephant, although these beasts are low
Cortella Maxi - sci-fi city

Cortella Maxi

Cortella Maxi Cortella Maxi is a beautiful and prosperous planet in the galaxy of Vylonia in the universe of D’Olex. The capital of Cortella Maxi is Cortella City, which has a
D'Olex Decipher

D’Olex Decipher

A D’Olex Decipher or ‘Decipher’ is a form of Nanobot used to translate the various languages in the Lore of Energy and Light galaxies of D’Olex. Deciphers are the size of
Australian sci-fi book Lore of Energy and Light

Australian sci-fi book

Australian sci-fi book Quorum Treaty, an Australian sci-fi book due for release in 2021, is the first novel in the Lore of Energy and Light series (LOEAL). The story begins on
Science Fiction Novel

Science Fiction Novel

From the Author: Quorum Treaty marks my first science fiction novel is the Lore of Energy and Light series. Quorum Treaty builds on top of decades of great science fiction literature by
Representatives sci-fi book character


Representatives are individuals appointed to represent the interests of their planet in the Alliance of Planets. Representatives speak on behalf of their citizens at sittings of the Interstellar Quorum. Most Representatives are selected
4 life changing sci-fi films - Interstellar

4 life changing sci-fi films

I am a movie buff. And it is fair to say I digest more science fiction through the visual medium than the written form. Here are 4 life changing sci-fi films
Gstaddt Leader - Ship tunnel

Gstaddt Leader

Gstaddt Leader is the title bestowed upon a Valker responsible for overseeing an entire planet. A Gstaddt Leader controls all Valker forces on their given planet, but not the forces of the Valker Foreign
Lore of Energy and Light books

Energy and Light

Energy and Light Together Energy and Light are the driving ideas behind the sci-fi book series, Lore of Energy and Light. In Book 1: Quorum Treaty®, Energy and Light are explained
Top 5 Villians Loki - Age of Ultron

Top 5 Villains

Top 5 Villains My top 5 villains from games and film. Whilst the words to Quorum Treaty slowly come together, I thought I would pen my thoughts on what makes a good
Torsion Drive Lore of Energy and Light

Torsion Drive

Torsion Drive A Torsion Drive or “Torsion Field Drive” is a propulsion system for spaceships in the sci-fi book series Lore of Energy and Light. A Torsion Drive which creates a torsion
Valker Foreign Legion - Quorum Treaty

Valker Foreign Legion

Divisions compromising solely of non-Valker warriors fighting for the Gstaddt are collectively known as the Valker Foreign Legion. It was established for foreign fighters willing to serve the Valkers. It is not
Quorum Treaty update book

Quorum Treaty update

Quorum Treaty update It’s coming folks! The new sci-fi book Quorum Treaty is coming. I have spent the last 6 months editing the manuscript. I am two thirds of the way now. Then


What is the Gstaddt?   WARNING: Spoilers ahead In the sci-fi book series Lore of Energy and Light®, planets and star systems conquered by the Valkers are collectively known as the


What is D’Olex? The known universe in the Lore of Energy and Light® book series is called D’Olex. There are three galaxies in D’Olex. This universe is vast, and richly populated
Messulun Priests sun

Messulun Priests

Who are the Messulun Priests? The priesthood originating from the star system Thruress are known as the Messulun Priests. They are followers of a sun called Messulun, which is the star in
Quorum Treaty book

Quorum Treaty book

Quorum Treaty book The Quorum Treaty® book is written by author Glen Rothlisberger   When all levels of the interplanetary government are infested with corruption, can the seekers of truth prevail? May


Who are the Valkers? The Valkers are a warrior-race of bi-pedal reptilians in the universe of D’Olex. Before and during the events of Book 1: Quorum Treaty, the Valkers are conquering planets from galaxy
science fiction book

Science Fiction Book

I decided to write a science fiction book. Wait, go back. “You decided to do what?” That was the reaction from most of my friends and family. I gave the science
Alliance Golden Cross - eight-armed cross

Alliance Golden Cross

Alliance Golden Cross In the Lore of Energy and Light® universe, the Alliance of Planets (Alliance) is a coalition of races who came together to combat the Valker threat. Long ago, the
Giamat - planet in Astoroz


Giamat Giamat is a planet in D’Olex – the known universe in the Lore of Energy and Light® series. Described as a gloomy, dim place, Giamat is located on the very