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Hello. I am Glen Rothlisberger from Perth, WA. This bio is about my joys, my loves and my passions. Early in life I found my creative outlet in the world of radio, as a disc jockey with my own breakfast radio show in two states. Radio brought me to Western Australia. These days I enjoy quiet moments, dinners with friends, and camping getaways. On the silent shores of a calm lake I find poetic words flow quickly to mind, and I use my iPhone to dictate notes.

The Lore of Energy and Light® series was my first venture into writing. Before then, I had come from a media and business background. After 11 years in radio across Australia in various roles, I came to start several businesses. But by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done is writing.There is nothing more humbling than someone telling you their experience of your literary work. I ask that you please join my mail list so we can keep in touch. You can learn more about my childhood and writing here.


Glen Rothlisberger is a proud member of the Peter Cowan Writers Centre
which supports creative writers within the northern suburbs of Perth.
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“I set out to suspend the belief of the reader. In doing so, I chose to use old English prose to give the text a sense of age and authenticity, like you were reading an old account by someone who was there long ago. Moreover, I removed modern words that reminded the reader of time or eras; ones that broke suspensions of belief.”

Signed, G. Rothlisberger
Alice Dengler - Lore of Energy and Light

Alice Dengler

Manuscript Finesser


Okay – so I guess if I was more normal I could have used the title ‘Proof reader’ but it just didn’t seem to suit me or the part I play in this whole adventure that is Glen’s foray into authoring. So what role do I actually have? Well, apart from being good friends with Glen, I am stoked to say I am his first ever fan (of his literary endeavours)… and also the person he honoured by asking to check his draft manuscripts, ‘finesse’ them, and provide opinionated feedback. Yes – I try to make his good writing better – I concern myself with his prose & cons.

As to my experience, I’ve had years and years in document focused high end administration roles. More relevant however, is my voracious appetite for reading fiction – especially sci-fi and fantasy. This was sparked as a young teen when I stumbled upon my eldest brother’s copy of Magician (Raymond E. Feist) and fell under the spell of brilliant escapist storytelling. The enjoyment of reading great fiction remains with me to this day – and I’m pleased to add The Lore of Energy and Light® to my book collection.