Author Glen Rothlisberger
Author Glen Rothlisberger

Glen Rothlisberger



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I’m a former Australian media personality with 10 years in radio. I have interviewed many celebrities including Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Steve Carell, and David Hasselhoff. Last year, I was accepted into the highly competitive Australian Emerging Writers Program, a 2-year government funded incubator for the best writers in Australia. I’m a member of the Australian Society of Authors, and the Peter Cowan Writing Centre.

I currently reside in Denmark, Scandinavia, where I spend my time raging against authority and plotting to bring down the financial system. Woe to us all if I succeed.



“A unique voice, expertly plotted, and a future that we may all see before too long! Wow, what a story.”

Jonas Saul, author of the Sarah Roberts Series.

“A rollicking space opera which starts with the invasion of Earth and escalates into an intergalactic adventure full of action and political intrigue.”

Stephen Dedman, author of The Art of Arrow Cutting.

Science fiction author Glen Rothlisberger
Sci-fi author Glen Rothlisberger
Alice Dengler - Lore of Energy and Light

Alice Dengler

Manuscript Finesser


Okay – so I guess if I was more normal I could have used the title ‘Proof reader’ but it just didn’t seem to suit me or the part I play in this whole adventure that is Glen’s foray into authoring. So what role do I actually have? Well, apart from being good friends with Glen, I am stoked to say I am his first ever fan (of his literary endeavours)… and also the person he honoured by asking to check his draft manuscripts, ‘finesse’ them, and provide opinionated feedback. Yes – I try to make his good writing better – I concern myself with his prose & cons.

As to my experience, I’ve had years and years in document focused high end administration roles. More relevant however, is my voracious appetite for reading fiction – especially sci-fi and fantasy. This was sparked as a young teen when I stumbled upon my eldest brother’s copy of Magician (Raymond E. Feist) and fell under the spell of brilliant escapist storytelling. The enjoyment of reading great fiction remains with me to this day – and I’m pleased to add The Lore of Energy and Light® to my book collection.