Lore of Energy and Light:
Sci-Fi Book Series

Lore of Energy and Light® – Quorum Treaty is the first novel in the Lore of Energy and Light sci-fi book series.
This new science fiction universe is written by Australian author Glen Rothlisberger and will be launching in 2021.


When all levels of the interplanetary government are infested with corruption, can the seekers of truth prevail? May the stars be aligned.

War, politics and disease plague the galaxies of D’Olex. The once powerful Alliance of Planets that governs much of D’Olex is now fractured by in-fighting. Disunity has paved the way for a warrior-race known as the Valkers to begin conquering star systems unopposed.


Book One: Quorum Treaty


Lore of Energy and Light® – Quorum Treaty  sets the stage for characters in D’Olex. Eventually every planet, including Earth, is dragged into a universal war, with the Alliance of Planets on one side and the Valkers on the other.

How many Valkers does it take to change an Alliance space station light bulb? Meet the characters in this new sci-fi book series.



Galactic Gateway - interstellar space gate

Galactic Gateway

In the Lore of Energy and Light universe, a Galactic Gateway is a portal from one location in space to another – always from one Galactic Gateway to another, and always
Light Tablet - tomb entry tunnel

Light Tablet

Light Tablet Light Tablets are said to be forged by the gods – the Mystics and the Ancients – long ago when D’Olex was very young. It is believed there are